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Years ago, I was in the custom stereo cabinet business. Last year I decided to do it again.. part time. This time more for enjoyment than to make my fortune. If you have ever heard any of the classic JBL speakers from the '60s, '70s, or '80s, you will appreciate why I have decided to specialize in the rebuilding and refurbishing or replication of Vintage JBL systems.

JBL Paragon Refurbishment

One of the systems I have to offer is the Classic JBL Paragon. If you own one of these systems and, it has seen better days, I can rebuild it for you and restore it to a "better than new" condition. Both the cabinet finish and the assortment of transducers inside will be restored to absolute perfection.

Product line

Dahlco, LLC


Founded: 1984

Owner: John C DAhl


Areas of expertise:  Audio, Sound systems, Home Theater. 

Company Profile

DAHL Sub Woofer


Perfect for Home Theaters This system will shake the drywall nails out of the walls


Audio Furniture Design and Build

JBL Paragon New Build

We can also offer a newly built Paragon. It looks exactly like the Classic JBL Paragon except it is fabricated using modern High Density materials and up-to-date JBL components. Custom versions can use other components of your choosing